How it all started

How it all started

It all began in the long and cold winter of 2012, when a group of friends started to meet for card game nights to give the winter the back of their hands.

Most of the nights they found shelter in a bar called Billard Saloon Basel (or Billy as it was referred to) and played classics like Crazy Eight, SlapJack and UNO.

Soon enough that started to get old, thus they developed a new idea of designing new cards, including signatures of each and every single person within the group. They had it printed and that’s when their first card game originated – The Unöleli.

Along with the idea of Crazy Unöleli of 2014 additional special cards came into play and the game continued to grow.

However, that wasn’t the end of it. In the very same year Raphael started to develop a similar application based on the self-invented card game and named it after it. Along with the increase of the demand for cards came the realization of a greater potential than we had expected.

Early 2017, we finally came up with the invention of BillyBaselGames, serving as a platform for further games in the future.